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Exercise is not always number one on everyone’s list of favorite things to do. But for some, exercise is a necessary part of their daily routine, whether this be for health reasons or otherwise. Many have tried to reinvent exercising as a fun individualized or group event to get more people interested with much success. Remember Tae Bo? Zumba has also taken the country by storm with it’s high-intensity dance workouts. As technology races ahead, however, the at-home-video market has become crowded and outdated. The newest market to try and conquer fitness? Virtual Reality.


It shouldn’t be too much of a shock that virtual reality is taking a crack at the fitness industry. After all, the technology behind VR allows it’s users to be anywhere at anytime – why not a gym or a track? Of course, this new venture makes for an interesting combination in uncharted territory. Below, I’ve listed some of the newest and most exciting developments in VR fitness and detailed what they’re all about. Just remember: before you jump right into the unknown and change your routine, it’s always best to consult a doctor or physician. With that in mind, let’s take a look into the future of exercising.


Goji Play by Blue Goji

Still in the early stages of production, this Austin-based wellness technology company wants to elevate your workout experience with a simple click. With Goji Play, you connect the Goji device to your exercise machine using straps around the handlebars. This turns your whole machine into a VR device, outfitted with a library full of games to give you a new exercise experience. You could be flying an anti-gravity racer or running on a neon-lit track – the choice is yours for only $119.


Black Box VR

This intense teaser trailer from Block Box VR gives potential customers a glimpse into the physicality that VR hopes to achieve. This product is only available in limited quantities as it’s so new. It’s creators, Ryan DeLuca & Preston Lewis, are the team behind supplement retailer This time around, the team is hoping to give their audience an immersive at-home experience through high intensity cardio and training games.


Immersive Fitness

Back in 2015, CNN ran a story from one of their correspondents in Hong Kong. The article detailed an incredible experience of biking across the Himalayas in snowy and eerie conditions. Of course, no one was actually biking in the Himalayas – they were cycling in an Immersive Fitness class at a gym in Hong Kong with giant screens surrounding them. The screens showed the images of cycling into different areas both real and fictional. This type of VR is being seen more and more in gyms across the world as a small step into the world of VR fitness. These classes usually last just over a half hour and take you on a trip that will put you so far into the alternate world that you will forget you’re just cycling on a stationary bike in the gym.


Think you’re up for the challenge? I’m certainly intrigued. Tweet your VR exercise experiences to me @AdamTau and tell me what you liked, didn’t like, and if you’d consider purchasing some tech in the future.