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Adam Tau discovered he had diabetes at eight years old. Learn how he has overcome this condition through the power of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Living with Type 1 diabetes has been a driving force behind Adam Tau’s passion for fitness, health, and medical technology.  Over the years, Adam has learned a great deal about himself and what it takes to overcome the obstacles the disease presents. Adam Tau has no interest in letting diabetes control how he lives his life. Instead, he has committed himself to living an active and healthy lifestyle — no matter how challenging that may be.

Adam Tau has been a Type 1 diabetic since he was just eight years old. He remembers the day he was diagnosed vividly: after displaying troubling symptoms like irritability, constant thirst and urination over Labor Day weekend, his mother took him to the doctor for an examination. It was at this time that Adam learned diabetes would be a part of his life, for the rest of his life.

For those who are unfamiliar with the condition, Type 1 diabetics do not produce any insulin, a hormone necessary in metabolism. When you eat, the body breaks down sugars and starches into a simple sugar, called glucose. Insulin is essential to get glucose from the bloodstream into cells of the body to produce energy. This requires diabetics to take insulin injections, monitor blood sugar levels, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Living with diabetes is a daily challenge that requires you to be hyper-aware of what you are doing in order to control fluctuating blood-sugar levels.  What you eat, your activities –from playing sports to walking to grocery store, stress levels, temperature, and sleep quality all must be managed and planned for.  Spontaneous plans can be extra tough on diabetics.  But, Adam Tau has embraced these daily challenges, and in the process, he has gained a deep understanding of how to live your fullest life with this condition.

Adam Tau recognizes that there is both ample opportunity to do everything you enjoy, and live with diabetes. You can always fight against the challenges it brings in order to accomplish what you want. For Adam, exercising and staying fit has been absolutely instrumental in his quest to manage this disease.  It is a huge part of what keeps his blood sugar in control.

Exercise is good for anyone with diabetes—it helps in controlling blood sugar and preventing long-term complications—yet it comes with its own slew of challenges.  If blood sugar is too low beforehand, you must make adjustments and wait until it comes up enough to exercise.  If you eat before exercising, you need to be aware of when the food will begin raising and affecting blood sugar.  Additionally, some forms of exercise raise blood sugar levels rather than lower them, which also must be planned for.  Adam Tau works out first thing in the morning, six days a week. Although he needs to sometimes pause or delay his workouts when his blood sugar is off, Adam is always determined to finish strong, no matter what. Overcoming the complications of the disease requires a great deal of mental toughness, since even if you manage your sugar exactly by the book, diabetes can still throw you a curveball.

Adam hopes to inspire others who are struggling with Type 1 diabetes, and diabetes in general, to continue to be their best selves. Living with this disease can be difficult, but through his professional career and by continuing his health regimen, Adam Tau has met countless people undergoing the same struggle who have shown him that strength and believing that you have the power to live a happy life is key. In sharing his experiences with diabetes, Adam has connected more within his community, and he has found a great amount of support in his journey. Adam encourages positivity, exercise, and education through his blogs and hopes that his personal experiences can help others to have the knowledge necessary to thrive while living with diabetes.

Adam Tau Gets Involved

Adam Tau believes deeply in getting involved in any and every way that he can on behalf of the causes and the people he believes in. You’ll find him all over his home base of New York City doing what he loves and sharing what he’s learned. Whether he is cycling for a cure, raising much-needed funds for the American Diabetes Association or to support marriage equality legislation, raising awareness, or helping to educate others by hosting a booth at the annual ADA Convention, Adam is proud to support what is most important to him. Click through the gallery to see Adam and his wife, Rebecca, out and about working on behalf of their community. Better yet, join them at the next fundraiser!

Adam Tau Out and About! from Adam Tau

Professional Overview

Adam Tau is a seasoned financial services professional based in New York City. With a unique combination of understanding, professionalism, and knowledge of a wide variety of solutions and services, Adam is passionate about empowering his clients to meet their financial goals. In 2015, Adam Tau and his wife, Rebecca Miller, founded Miller Tau Financial Group, a boutique financial services company. Miller Tau Financial Group is best known for its personalized approach, individual attention, and a joy in fostering long-lasting relationships.

Adam Tau and his wife Rebecca have seen so much success with their personalized approach to finances that they’ve even begun a new feature for their social media following. To help connect online with their audience more, Adam and Rebecca have started a new Q&A segment on Facebook LIVE where they discuss some commonly asked questions live on air. The topics range from annuities, to retirement savings, and cover both basic questions and in depth information.

As an independent financial services professional, Adam Tau has the luxury of working with a wider range of services and products, allowing him to provide each client with solutions that are tailored to fit their individual needs. Adam is an extremely dedicated professional who genuinely cares about each and every one of his clients. Not only does it show in his service to his clients, but in the successes of their work together as well.