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Living in the city, having a busy schedule, and having Type 1 Diabetes can sometimes make getting to the gym hard for me. But just because I can’t physically get to the gym doesn’t mean that I won’t work out! Because fitness is so important to my needs as a diabetic, I always make the time to stay in shape. Sometimes it just happens to be at home. There are plenty of great ways to utilize the comfort of your own home for a sweat session. All you have to do is put together a gameplan, hold yourself accountable, and focus on your workout goals!


Designate an area of your home for working out.

Not everyone can afford to have an at-home gym. If you have one, you’re already set with this step! If you don’t, you’ll have to dedicate an area of your home that will give you the privacy and space needed to successfully work out. Clearing away some furniture and setting down a mat in the middle of the living is what a lot of people do since there’s typically a tv there. Wherever you decide to settle is fine – just as long as you don’t get distracted channel-surfing or by being so close to the couch!


Don’t be afraid of the outdoors.

If there’s not an area of your house that you feel focused in, or that’s big enough, take your work-out outdoors! Nature has a calming way of focusing a workout, whether it be yoga, lifting weights, or core exercises. I’ve found outdoor workouts to be especially motivating when I’m on vacation – switching it up for myself and being in a brand new environment makes even a basic workout program seem fresh and new. When working outside, be sure to have a sturdy and flat surface for the best technique possible.


Find a workout that fits your space.

You may not be able to drag or flip a tire across your living room floor, so finding an alternative workout that fits your home space will be crucial. There are a lot of great workouts that don’t require a ton of space for success. You may not be doing the things you’re normally doing at the gym with equipment, but it doesn’t make your workout any less effective. Pushups, squats, and weights will be your friend at home in these situations.


Use items from your house to workout with.

Did you ever come home from school and see your mom working out with a stepper and cans of peaches? I’m not saying to go that far, but, there are definitely items from your home that can aid you in your workouts. If you’ve got a set of stairs in your home, you already have plenty of exercises at your disposal. Live in a high-rise?  Lots of stairs—even better. See the wall? It’s now your the base for some incline push-ups. There are even items you can purchase to turn your door frame into a pull up station. Smaller items like resistance bands are also great to keep at home, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting a few extra sets in later on watching tv if your bands are within eyesight!


Making this a habit? Schedule it into your day!

Always going to be working out at home on Thursdays? Mark it in your calendar! You would mark down a session on your calendar any other time you plan a trip to the gym, so, do the same for yourself. Put the phone down and turn off notifications. The more seriously you take your at home workouts, the more serious they will be. This also helps your partner or family to know that this time is off-limits, even if you’re just a room away.


By incorporating your at-gym workout focus to your in-home workout, your results will continue to be up to standard. It’s always great to have a backup plan, as well. Use these tips and you won’t have to settle for anything less than success when you’re working out at home!