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The holidays are a time filled with fun, cheer, and rich food. Due to this, many people find it challenging to stay active over the holiday season. Although a little indulgement is perfectly okay, it is essential to make adjustments to your fitness routine.

As someone with diabetes, exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, It can be challenging to fit a daily workout along with shopping for gifts, traveling to visit loved ones, and attending holiday parties, but it is possible. These tips will make it easier to stay fit during the holiday season.

Be prepared to improvise

Some exercise is better than none. Any type of activity, even light activity, will help to maintain the habit of working out daily. Regular gym-goers might not have access to all their usual equipment and routines while out of town for the holidays, for example, but they can still do some push-ups, sit-ups, and jumping jacks to get their blood moving. If you need a little guidance, YouTube is a great resource to find workout videos to exercise along with.

Focus on walking

Walking is a simple exercise that can be done just about anywhere. Try taking a quick walk around the neighborhood every morning, or encourage loved ones to go for a stroll after a big holiday meal.

Plan ahead

Holiday travelers will find it easier to stay active if they know what their options are ahead of time. For instance, before getting on the plane to attend that big family get-together, look up hiking trails in the area. Another practical idea is to pack workout equipment, like a yoga mat or ankle weights, before leaving home.

Exercise with others

If sticking to a workout routine is a struggle during the holidays, find an accountability partner such as a friend or co-worker to exercise with. Or make the most of time with family by inviting loved ones to go for a walk, follow along with an exercise video, or stretch out with a few simple yoga poses. Playing with kids is also a great way to stay active and burn off some extra calories.

Wake up early

It’s hard to hit the gym with a busy daytime schedule. Try getting up an hour earlier than usual to squeeze in a workout before the day begins. Night owls may find that an evening workout fits their schedule better. Just don’t exercise too close to bedtime, as this can make it difficult to fall asleep.