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As we head into August, the days seem to be hotter than ever. It seems that you only have to step outside your front door and you are instantly drenched in sweat. For diabetics it can be can be challenging to keep your insulin pump sites, continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sensors, and other diabetes gadgets secured safely while fighting excessive sweating.


However, there are a few adhesives available that will your devices stick despite boiling temperature. Check out the list below for tapes that won’t curl up after only a day or two.




Tegaderm is known for its 7-day wear to, gentle removal, and its ability to keep out moisture. The transparent tape allows you to easily see the insertion site, which comes in hand when you are cover a CGM or pump site. Often Tegaderm is covered by insurance companies, so check to see if you qualify.


StayPut Medical


StayPut Medical is both breathable and water resistant. The egg-shaped overlay tape is available in a variety of colors and is sold in a pack of 10 or 30. If you aren’t sure whether or not you will like it, you can receive a sample from the company so you can try it before you buy it!  


Rock Tape


Rock Tape was originally created to rehabilitate strained muscles, but recently the company has created a diabetes-centric option. With Rock Tape, sweat is not a threat. You are able to shower and exercise without the worry of your device falling off. Not only can you buy the tape, but you can even order a CGM cover online.




Grifgrips are a great option for kids or anyone who wants a quirky design. They come in a variety of shapes and designs like cats, flowers dinosaurs, and even monsters. Grifgrips allow you to customize your gear and will stick you even in the hottest days.


Keep in mind that your devices will have a better chance of staying stuck longer if they are applied to clean, dried skin. After prepping your skin properly and applying one of these adhesives, you will be ready to tackle the summer heat without fear of one of your devices coming loose.