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For anyone that is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I highly recommend that you learn more about your condition. Taking control of your health through education will help make you make more sense of your condition and how you can manage it in the future.

While a quick Google search is great for immediate answers, I encourage you to sit down and dedicate some time to read a few books.

There are so many books available that aimed for diabetics. The combination of diabetes-specific and health-management books has made managing my own condition easier.

Below you will find a few books that I have come across over the past few years that have helped me with my understanding and management of Type 1 diabetes.

Taming the Tiger: Your First Year With Diabetes by William Lee Dubois

For those who have been recently diagnosed, I recommend browsing the pages of this book. The book is a quick read, a little more than 100 pages, but is chock-filled with basic information that any diabetic person needs to know. It is a great reference book and is perfect for those who are just learning about diabetes.

Diabetes: A practical guide to managing your health by Rosemary Walkers & Jill Rodgers

This is another go-to book for beginners. The book covers a wide range of topics. It is divided into six different sections and provides practical tips that are encouraged by health care professionals.

Pumping Insulin by John Walsh

If you have ever wondered if you should switch from Insulin injects to a pump, I highly recommend reading this book. This book is known as the “pumping Bible”. Author John Walsh has worn an insulin pump for over 30 years and provides great guidance on how to best use an insulin pump and discusses its advantages.

Sugar Surfing by Dr. Stephen Ponder

Dr. Stephen Ponder is a pediatric endo who is also living with type 1 diabetes. In his book, he shares his process of managing blood glucose levels. Dr. Ponder has found great success in his on method and has reached a point where his A1Cs were almost normal, hovering around the mid 5s.

Dr. Ponder describes his methodology as “dynamic diabetes management.” His method mostly concreates on being conscious of all of your actions that can impact your blood sugar while continuously completing a 4-step cycle of monitoring, being “in the moment,” analyzing, and execution.